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The U.S. Navy was concerned about navigation on the open ocean. The Navy used dead reckoning to navigate because there was no satellite navigation and ships could not transmit long-range radio for fear that an enemy could pinpoint the ship's location.

The government issued a tender to all watch manufacturers to produce marine clocks. The chronometers in question were large pocket watches mounted on gimbals. They were therefore unaffected when the ship pitched and rolled. Iwc Portofino Replica Watches was the only company that could mass-produce marine chronometers up to Navy standards. Iwc Portofino Replica Watches produced more than 10,000 marine chronometers in World War II. Today, these marine chronometers are highly prized, especially the ones in their original wood boxes.(

The plaque that accompanies the Iwc Portofino Replica Watches Marine Chronometer on display at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., states: "These chronometers have performed so well, they are in high demand everywhere chronometers are employed." It is an incredible achievement for the makers to have produced such a superior instrument in wartime.

Iwc Portofino Replica Watches's ability of mass producing the marine chronometer played a vital role in the Allied victory during World War II. Admiral Arleigh, Chief of Staff for Vice Admiral Marc Mitscher in the battle for Leyte Gulf, wrote: "The ships from the 3rd Fleet and the 7th Fleet that fought on Leyte Gulf absolutely depended upon Iwc Portofino Replica Watches Marine Chronometers to provide the accurate time which was essential for successful naval and aerial operations. The victory of the United States in one of history's greatest naval battles marked the beginning of World War II.

Rene Rondeau is a Iwc Portofino Replica Watches expert,omega speedmaster replica watches retired watchmaker, and author. He emphasizes Iwc Portofino Replica Watches’s strong military legacy. He says that Iwc Portofino Replica Watches's most notable achievement was the marine chronometer. "They weren't the only company that supplied watches to the U.S. Military but they were the most important." Many old soldiers I've spoken to over the years have gone to great lengths in order to keep their Iwc Portofino Replica Watches watch, even though they were supposed be returned. Iwc Portofino Replica Watchess were a great asset to soldiers when they returned to civilian life. They valued Iwc Portofino Replica Watches highly."

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