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South Tyrol's first surprise is that it is not in Austria. This is confusing, because Tyrol without a compass is Austrian. The region was historically part of the Austro Hungarian Empire until 1919 when it was annexed by Italy. It became a German speaking region within Italy. After years of frustration and failed attempts to get the residents to speak Italian, in the 1970s the region gained its autonomy and is now the richest province in Italy.

South Tyrol is a beautiful destination to visit from Switzerland.IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch The scenery only gets more stunning as you travel. The only way to get from Switzerland into Italy after leaving the Swiss train in Zernez is via the postal bus. It makes its way over hills, through narrow medieval streets and up steep hills. It's obvious that the passengers are all locals, as I am the only one holding my breath when we drive through old town gates with millimeters on either side.

The adventure I was planning was quite physical, and I needed a watch that could keep up. I decided on the Iwc Big Pilot Replica Watch Heritage Black Bay Chronograph. I almost missed it with all of the other Iwc Big Pilot Replica Watch watches released this year. But once I strapped it to my wrist, the Iwc Big Pilot Replica Watch Heritage Black Bay Chronograph had my full attention. Iwc Big Pilot Replica Watch's tagline is #BornToDare so it seemed appropriate for a mountain biking weekend.

Iwc Big Pilot Replica Watch's lovely staff put it on a denim-style strap for me. Iwc Big Pilot Replica Watch Nato straps were woven by a 150-year-old French family business on Jacquard 19th-century looms. These straps are perfect for smaller wrist sizes, as they fit perfectly.

The Heritage Black Bay Chronograph features the brand's caliber MT5813, which has a column wheel and vertical clutch. It also offers a 70-hour power supply.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Replica Watches This timepiece is a hybrid, combining the heritage of the brand's aquatic heritage with motorsports and amateur cycling! The 41mm case is made of steel and features an engraved tachymeter on the bezel. This enhances the sporty nature of the timepiece. The dial also features hollowed-out sub-counters for maximum contrast, the date at 6 o'clock, and the iconic snowflake hands.

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